Best recoil pad for my 1100

LimbSaver, hands down best recoil reduction from a fixed pad.
They should have a pre-fit model for your gun, unless the stock has been modified, then you'll want a grind to fit pad.
Pachmayr Decelerator pads do offer a hard piece for the top of the pad built in to reduce clothing hang up when mounting the shotgun that works well. Good recoil reduction too...just not as much as experienced with the LimbSaver in my experience (I have several of each make on my firearms).
I agree with the limbsaver if you are looking for a prefit. They have great reduction.
I have a Limbsaver "Airtech" (or somthing like that) on my "moosberg" 12 ga. I would say they do work well for recoil reduction. However, the material of mine is "sticky" and catches on clothing. To the extent that I wrap the edges in blue painters tape to help it "slide" before I go hunting. Otherwise it works well. CL
caution using Sims Vibration Labs pads, the nylon carpet used in most safes reacts to the rubber and starts melting, and sticking to the pad till it looks like it needs shaved.
I have decelerators on my rifles. Thanks to all for the opinions.
I have Limbsaver and Pachmayr and Kick-EEZ all are good recoil pads Limbsaver is the hardest to grind to fit. Kick-EEZ are soft and gun needs to be stored muzzle down. Pachmayr Decelerator are excellent as well.
Now on my hunting 1100 3inch Mag I have a Limbsaver. On my 1100 and 11-87 Trap Guns I use Kick-EEZ and on my 1100 28ga I have a thin Pachmayer Decelerator for a longer length of pull.
I'm a fan of the Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pads.
My Beretta Silver Pigeon came with a Pachmayr pad as well.