Boot liner suggestions? What has worked for you?


Sep 21, 2012
Surprisingly, while going through the closing Stock and Field Store (formerly Big R) I bumped into a pair of Muck Ankle II boots (closeout priced) about 1 1/2 sizes too big. (About the size I wanted.)

In the past I've used THICK felt/wool pads along with moisture wicking socks and a thinner wool sock for "semi-frigid" weather in plain ol rubber boots when walking any kind of distance is included, trying to stay warm without a ton of weight hanging on my leg.

While there are some AWESOME lightweight, well insulated, waterproof boots out there I just cant swing that kind of funding just for boots when only able to get out there a dozen times or so annually. Any I buy have to be multi-seasonal.
Muck boots at 40 percent off though.......I couldn't pass them up. NO clue how "warm" they are by themselves.

With the oodles of new and improved things out there I thought maybe someone here had first hand experience with a decently priced brand of boot liner or boot liner/sock combo that works down to freezing or so?

Any suggestions for me to take a look at will be greatly appreciated.

God Bless
I’ll wear muck boots in the snow with either wool toe socks.. keeps the toe sweat under control, or a regular wool sock. Every night, the go to the boot dryer.

I have meta tarsal lifts, so getting a regular boot liner doesn’t work well for me, my good socks are pricey.. typically $20 a pair, so I watch for sales.

There sole’s of the muck boots matter. I had the cheapie model bass pro sold and it was slippery on snow. I think they called it a field boot. Later I got the muck woody max, that sole is fine on all surfaces.

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Still, in all the "state of the art" techie material, I agree, wool still ranks right up there.
Good type on the boot dryer use. I dont give that much thought normally.

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