Brass Making


Mar 23, 2017
My brother has a Rem. Rolling Block in 43 Spanish I load for him. Brass is scarce for it. I found some Jamison brass years back from Midway , I wish I got more. The Jamison company is long gone now , so what does a guy do , make your own.
This is not recommended for most to try. I started with 300 WBY brass and cut it at shoulder. Next was to turn the belt off the case. Then I annealed the cases and through the FL sizer to form case. I then turned down the necks to 0.012” matching Jamison brass. Now I sized the cases to headspace off the shoulder snug with breach closed. Last part is extracting the case by installing a small c-clip for the extractor to engage case removal. I wish I took pictures of these steps. Final product after once fired. 561022DE-52E9-4E07-903F-680712D10D42.jpeg 8041B444-D896-477D-AEAF-D85671F3B10A.jpeg
I run light load of 5744 with 370gr cast I bought online. Velocity in mid 1200’s. Just sometime to keep the old ‘block running.