CED M2 Chronograph


Jan 6, 2015
CED 3.jpg CED 2.jpg CED 1.jpg I have a CED M2 Chronograph for sale $200 plus shipping. This is the sunlight version with an extra sensor (in box) and three extra sets of sky screens and supports. A nice aluminum fitted carrying case is included. This is much easier to use than other optical chronographs because of the large screen that locates on your bench, not non the sky screen support.

This set would cost over $250 if bought new and wouldn't include a carrying case. Check out more about this useful tool here: https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/ced-m2-chronograph

I once forgot the tripod which pretty much makes this useless so I have a friendly sticker as a reminder. Never happened again (y)

Reply to this post if your interested.