CFE 223 150gr. Nos Partition 308 Win


Nov 15, 2007
Just finished testing using 150gr. Partitions in 308 with CFE 223. I have been using this powder extensively since it first appeared, and it has allowed me to increase the velocity in several rounds, although I have found the pressure signs frequently are present before the maximum loads listed. Using 50.5 gr, COL 2.800, Fed 210M primers, and once fired Hornady brass, I got a velocity of 2975 fps with honest 0.5 MOA 3 shot groups at 100yds. To make matters better, it was in my favorite rifle:
Win Pre 64 model 70 lightweight, made in 1953. Still has original barrel and shoots terrific. Will use this combo on elk this fall.
Dang, sounds like an incredible load Jim. I love those P64’s. Been working with my P64 Featherweight 30-06 a little myself.
Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but CFE223 sure seems to be getting a lot of attention with increased velocity in several cartridges lately. Wonder if the accuracy is really good and velocity is increased in the 7mm08 140gr and 150gr loads. Accuracy has historically belonged to Varget and RL15 but velocity suffers. Any experience out there?

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Same here DH, I’ve not grabbed any of it but it seems really darned good in the 308 based stuff along with some Whelen fellas getting some great speeds as well. May have to snatch a bit of it.
It didn't really start to shine for me till I went with magnum primers to touch it off and then it really showed what it could do. I could knock on the door of a 338 Win with it in my 35 Whelen/AI and found it useful with all bullet weights.
I have always gotten excellent accuracy with Varget, R15, and 4064. I've found the CFE to require a bit more experimentation, but when you find the right combo, it can be very accurate. I would caution against pushing the max right off the bat, however. I began using it as I was curious if the claims regarding reduced copper fouling were real, and this is the other area I have been extremely pleased. It clearly reduces copper fouling. May not be too significant in a custom barrel, but it is remarkable in factory barrels.
Thanks for the report. I've used a bunch of it in 223's and couldn't be happier with it. I'm planing on trying it out in an LR-308 soon. I like the rifle, but with that short 16" barrel velocity is suffering quite a bit. It's pretty much a 30-30 of those speeds, so I'm hoping CFE or 2000-MR might just kick it up a notch and maintain the accuracy I get with RL-15 and IMR 4895. I'm hoping over-gassing or excessive gas port pressure won't be an issue. I have a new Savage 10 FCP-SR in 308 that I haven't started working with yet, and CFE will be on the short list of powders to try in it. There's a couple guys I've talked to that use it for breaking in a new barrel. They report it does help with the copper and cleaning between shots is a little quicker. Just a side note but, CFE-P works out fantastic in a 380 ACP; fast, accurate, and clean.
One thing I found is that Hornady brass must have less internal capacity than Win/Rem/Weatherby and Nosler brass must have the most.
This is because Hornady brass has given the highest speeds with Nosler the least and the others in the middle in a number of different cartridges with exactly the same load. They also shot to a different point with the same scope adjustments.
That is interesting, and is similar to the impression I have that Hornady seems stiffer to work, and generates a little more velocity than other brass. I find it more difficult to work with, but had a lot of Hornady brass to use, and was a bit surprised at the velocities. I will be using Nosler/Win brass to see if there is any difference.
Impressive results for sure! Very good.

The 308 simply shines with that bullet weight IMO. Can match or nip at the heels of top loads in the 06 with that bullet weight, and do it with a powder amount that makes you say, huh??
CFE223 does wonders for the 64 grain Nosler BSB in 556.

Over 3,000 fps from a 20 inch AR w Wylde chamber.

Nosler data only shows 223 Remington loads from 26 inch bolt gun.
Haven't tried the 150 Nosler Part but have shot CFE223 with the Speer and Sierra 150 using 48.5 grs Fed 210GM with the best group being with the Speer (boat tail) maybe 1/8 in difference at most. I like this powder and use it in my .223 as well. Plan on developing loads with the Nosler 150 BT. Dan.