Chiappa wildlands 45/70


Sep 30, 2004
I traded a 629 for a NIB Chiappa wildlands in 45/70. I’ve always wanted a win 1886 clone so I couldn’t pass it up.

I am pretty impressed with the fit and finish of this rifle. I would have liked it to have a more slender forend, but it’s pretty comfortable.

I grabbed a couple of boxes of 405gr grizzly ammo at my local grocery/sporting goods store.

It shot pretty well, 1.5” or so at 50 yards for three shots. I think it will make a good packable rifle to carry in side by side. I haven’t decided if I will just leave it open sights or put a red dot or scout scope on it.


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Havin' a hard time see'in a downside to that one....and Im not a fan of "Black furniture" on a rifle. That should be real useful. Enjoy!! CL
Nice! I have the 44 mag takedown Alaskan. I found I did better when I put the peep sight at the back of the receiver.

You did good my friend! "To me" I don't see how "anyone" in Alaska (read big bear country) who lived out in the Rough would not love a 45-70! I "shot one" of those Grizzly Loads 460 HC out of a Marlin Cowboy 26incher. Dear Lord! I thought for a split second I had torn all the gristle loose and tore the screws out of the plate in my neck! OMG! I gave the other 19 rds to a friend who has oneof the first run 1895s, the one with the straight grip. Phew! :)