custom 6.5 PRC


Sep 30, 2004
I picked up a custom 6.5 PRC the other day. I saw it on a local classified at a great price and couldn’t pass it up.


Built by crescent custom rifles out of Kansas City, Mo.

Surgeon 591 WSM action
Bartlien marksman 5r 1-7 28” barrel
Manners elite PRS1 with mini chassis and barricade stop
Accurate mag WSM 5-7 round magazines
Trigger tech diamond straight shoe
Area 419 hellfire brake

I’m really looking forward to getting out to shoot some long range steel this summer.

Now I just need to find some component bullets. All I have found so far are 140 hybrid targets bullets.

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Nice looking rig. I bet she's a shooting machine.
What bullets are you looking for?

I’d like to find some hunting bullets for my Seekins havak 6.5 PRC. 142 LRAB, 140 AccuBond, 127 LRX. Hopefully this new PRC likes the Berger hybrid target 140s.

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That's a fantastic looking rifle. Looks like it's shooting 1/2" groups or less just sitting there!!

Heck I can’t even find brass for mine right now...[emoji20] I got one of savages new high country rifles in 6.5 PRC in December and have been searching for brass ever since.

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I got several hundred once fired brass with my havak. I’ve found 3 boxes of new factory brass at stores locally.

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Took it out to the range this weekend. This rifle will shoot! Saturday I did a OCW method of development loading 3 each 54-58.5 gr of h1000 in half gr increments with 140 Berger hybrid target.

Only problem was that they all pretty much hit the same point of impact. I bet all 27 would have gone into a 1.25” group at 100 yards. I did find a velocity node at 57gr. For 2968fps.

I loaded up a few at 57gr today abd swung by the range before work. Got it zeroed at 100 and shot this group.

Decent but nothing to write home about. Checked my ballistic app and saw I should have 2.6 moa drop. I dialed it up 2.5 moa and fired this 5 shot group.

Now that’s getting better. It shows some real potential.

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