Did I waste my $$$ ?


Mar 23, 2017
Not wanting to get out of the 30-06 game , I decided on trying 1 of these on my Marlin.
Maybe this weekend I might pull the barrel on it. A guy at work will face off the breech end if needed for proper headspace , he’s done other before.
Without measuring the throat is way shorter on this barrel (more than 1/4”) by putting a loaded round in it stick up that much. The question is do I shoot up with current barrel what’s loaded or pull and save the bullet and powder for a rainy day.
Last night I took it apart. Barrel runs up to the bolt face on no-go. Going to have to face off 0.015”. Since the barrel was on I spent some time opening up the stock’s channel. Big difference in barrel diameter.
My 210gr VLD load on the rifling
I have 40 rounds to pull down which isn’t the worst. I think this chamber was cut too deep causing my grief this rifle. I know that the Berger 210gr bullet falls out of the case well before reaching the land.
Those long, beyond SAAMI factory throats are super frustrating. They do it for safety which is understandable from a product liability standpoint, and I guess a lot of bullets really don’t care about a huge jump. Personally it doesn’t suit my nature though. Hope your new one is a shooter.
Well it’s actually a Marlin X7
I think you’ll be very happy with your end result. Your X7 is essentially a Remington 783. Which is the 7mm RM I’ve been customizing. Parts between the two are interchangeable (barrels, bolt heads, triggers, etc) and the action is a VERY capable platform to build a very accurate rifle.
Got the barrel faced 0.015” and headspaced perfectly. Got the rifle put back together fired a couple of rounds I seated deeper and everything is GTG.
The throat is way shorter on this barrel making me feel like I got a chance here to make something good happen.
Well put some rounds through it and it gets a 👍.
Had to reseat everything that was left over from old barrel 0.120” deeper so they chamber. I had to adjust the windage 12 minutes to get near the bullseye , elevation was fine.
First was a Berger 185gr. Classic Hunter load that didn’t do crap in old barrel.

I had some Sierra 175gr SMK rounds left over also.

Since these are loads are left overs , this barrel is showing a promising start for a $249 investment.
Sad part is I sold off the Bergers because they didn’t shoot in the old barrel🙁
Those results have be a real confidence booster. You have someplace to work from if you're intent on refining what you have. Otherwise, you're good to go.
Looked at your picture and thought you may have shot the motive power for the delivery vehicle! :oops: Great harvest. That will be some excellent eating.
I want a rifle that only shoots elk that can be loaded whole in one piece! Nice going and good to know the kit worked well.
The barrel is picking up some speed. That load stared out 3010’s and yesterday I ran 3 over the Magnetospeed 3080 , 3082 , and 3089. I’m just under 150 rounds through it.