F****ing Hornady brass!

I only have my own experiences to share, of course, and in no way indicating anyone should follow my example. Each has their own mandated limitations on what brass to use.

That said, regardless of MFG, ANY kind of primer seating issues that appears sends the entire batch off my bench and into recycle. Under high pressure the primer would be the first to "give" if anything does. Tossing them is just "cheap insurance" IMO.

Not at all a "brass snob" and have others I use, but when gone, I'm sticking to buying Lapua for new cases. Issues can still arise but I've seen it very rarely in what I've purchased and nothing near as radial as others I've used.

It's simply not worth the hassle nor am I willing to accept non uniform primer seating in ANY round......even for hunting loads.

Just my 2 cents, if worth that to others.
God Bless
I use Hornady brass in my 6.5CM no problems. I have seen a bit of higher velocity over other brass with the same load configuration . Overall for the CM I like the Hornady brass.
I've had Nosler 280 brass that I had to use winchester primers in , Fed 215M would not fit. Try to find a primer make that is smaller my friend...don't try to "make them fit" as it can end up with a crushed primer that won't fire.
noslerpartition":1v7p1zv7 said:
My knuckles burn, but no way.

That’s why I went with a bench mounted priming tool by RCBS.
After seating ten primers my wrist would burn, that hand would get weak, and my fingers would start feeling numb.