Range day


May 26, 2018
The stands are open again and I played with my 6,5 Creedmoor some more.

One load is very promising, others showed good vertical results, but horizontal stringing. Might have been me, it was just the second time out with that rifle.
Savage Storm, lehigh defense controlled chaos, Reload Swiss 60

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Thanks. Something to use as a basis.

Can't really say much about the bullet, yet.
I have to hunt lead free and use a similar bullet in 30-06 that I like a lot. Smaller game seems to go down faster than with TRSX etc if shot through the ribs.
A friend uses it in 6,5 x57 and is happy so far.

Next time I will play with seating depth a bit to see if it effects stringing and load some more of the 41,9gr and see if they stay consistend. Would like some more speed, but if I am honest with myself, it will be enough for it's use.with 2820 fps.

Maybe I put on the 6,5-20 Nikon for testing and bring another front rest.

Good thing about working from home right now is I can start qn hour earlier...
Verified the load today. The thin barrel doesn't like to get warm, opened up a bit with shot four and five, but I am still happy with it.
Changing seating depth on a faster load did not help, so I settle for this one, load up a few more and go hunting (hopefully this weekend). Looking forward to seeing how the bullet performs.

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Never change a running system...
Tested the Creedmoor today. Ok for me.
Then I made a mistake. I cleaned the gun.
After 9shots, nothing close to an inch.
Then the stand closed.
Will try again, see when the groups tighten again. Same ammo.

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I think I found this culprit. I cooled the barrel with an electric fan/pump and a hose from the inside. Looks like it did not cool evenly enough. Cold barrel today in the picture and a few other groups similar.
So - out hunting on the weekend!

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I will.
Currently we have a wolf around, so game comes out late. But not trying is no option...

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You loose your licence, gun and a lot of money shooting one...

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