Another range day


May 26, 2018
Our stands are open again and we were out to test a few guns.
My Savage Storm 6,5 Creedmoor still does half moa - just tested a few shots.
My Tikka varmint in 30-06 starts showing the age of the barrel, but still does sub moa.
So a few hundred shots until I have to look for a new barrel.

Then there were two Bargara 14. Both 308, both 22 inch barrels, identical loads.
One did ok with around moa with two loads. I would like to seat them longer, but I am limited by magazine length. I will try a different powder with that one next time, but we ran out of time today.

My girlfriend's rifle did not like that load at all. Looked more like shotgun pattern over the whole ladder.

So back to the start with that rifle.
Different powder and probably different bullets, too.
Well - keeps my busy during the Lockdown I guess...

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Glad you were able to get to the range. You should find something to make that Bergara sing. I have a B14 Ridge in 7mm08 and it groups well with 3 different bullets and powders that I've tried. The magazine does limit your c.o.l. for sure. Dan.
Another rather frustrating range day.

Some groups were ok, but nothing spectacular.
The picture shows dummy loads that let me just close the bolt. Sorry for the metric units.
Problem is:the mag is limited to 71,1 mm. So I can't get closer than 0,11 to the lands.
It is not too far, but might be one of the reasons.
Now looking for bullets that get me closer to the lands while staying in mag-limits.

All loads were pressure tested and have reasonable pressure and fill grade.

I am a bit at a loss here. Two Bergaras, three ladders with two bullets and two powders, marginal results.
.Never ran into such a challenge before reloading.

Btw: cheap S&B fmj did ok...

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Changing bullets did the trick!
There are some loads to play on with...
Sandback front and back.
Still - since the trigger is harder than what I usually use, a few Millimetres might be on me.

So I will retest some and decide then.
I would take a little more speed over a few Millimetres group size.


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Really nice improvement.

Funny how simple reloading Is... anything but simple.


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Yeah, I was a little happy seeing those groups.
Now I will verify the good loads and she is ready to go.

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Hm. Changed the scope and things went south...
But I tested a load for a friend's Sauer 303.
That are two different loads. 54.8 and 55.3 grains of Lovex S065 with a 150 gr brass bullet laid over each other. Three shots each.
seems I found a solid node!
After removing and tightening the scope on my girlfriend's rifle I had one charge left and it did what you see on the second picture.
Something to follow up on.
I guess I will put the target scope back on and test some more.
Another excuse to go to the range...
My Creedmoor seems very sensitive to load changes.
A ladder between 41.9 and 43 grains of Reloader Swiss with 0.1 grain steps.
One group of four looks good. But the spread of the rest is shocking.


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Swapped scopes between two rifles and I am happy! Savage Storm 6,5 Creedmoor @100m
The 2 shots are a different powder weight and I just wanted to check were they hit.


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