"Front Shoulder" and other terms...

Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Guys - I gotta tell ya - there isn't any "rear shoulder." :wink:

So often I read about hunters shooting their game in... you guessed it... the front shoulder...

Okay then. I may have fallen into that trap a time or two myself - but I surely try not to do so. Our big game seasons are approaching rapidly, and it would sure be nice to not read about another "front shoulder" hit...

There's a huge difference between "stock" which is on your rifle, and "stalk" which can be a part of a plant, like in cornstalk, or it can be when the hunter is stalking his prey.

Oh gosh, there's another one! Prey is what we're after. Pray is what I do talking to God.

I'm trying to get better at all this. So I guess I'll prey that I stock my pray successfully and shoot it smack in the front shoulder. :mrgreen:

I hope hunters this fall do not break their muzzle.

And it is a barrel, not a pipe.
Oh, don't get me started on bad spelling and incorrect words. I could go on forever.

The one that absolutely grinds my gears is when someone uses "prolly" instead of "probably." Ugh!
Well-written, Guy. I refrain from addressing such errors lest I be called a "spelling Nazi."
rodell":30xvojz9 said:
I hope hunters this fall do not break their muzzle.

And it is a barrel, not a pipe.

Dang, I'd forgotten about break and brake... (y)

Good one.
DrMike":1wxd5r9i said:
Well-written, Guy. I refrain from addressing such errors lest I be called a "spelling Nazi."

I swear, the internet is dumbing us all down. Instead of reading well-written books and articles, we see such poorly written posts. Sometimes I'm sure there's a good story or a point that the poor fellow is trying to make, but I have to give up even trying to read it, because it simply makes no sense.

A fellow doesn't have to be an English major to add a lot to our hunting/shooting world. Ol' Elmer Keith is proof of that! The man knew a lot, but had a difficult time with spelling and grammar. I've read several times that his editors had to work very hard to make something out of Elmer's jumbled words.

I do try though. We will see.

Regards, Guy
I heard a new one at the range yesterday: recticle. I laughed out loud and had to back away from my shot!
TackDriver284":399bdkty said:
Guy, forgot about bullet and boolet. :mrgreen:

I'm not positive but I think that one comes from The Cast Boolit forum. :roll:
Paul B.
I'm almost afraid to post anything now. I better just keep it short and sweet! Sure glad I didn't put sweat in there.
Scopes do not have crosshairs, they either wires or etched glass. One of my pets.
Deer and elk do not have horns, they have antlers.
There are several different species of "Brown Bears" they are not all the same, nor are they all called Grizzlies.
Copperheads do not exist in the Northwest, nor do Diamondbacks or any other Rattler than the "Pacific Rattlesnake"
Guy Miner":13tdvhfv said:
TackDriver284":13tdvhfv said:
Guy, forgot about bullet and boolet. :mrgreen:

Not to be confused with ballet, or ballot... :wink:

Your not kidding. One must watch you're use of the English tongue.
If there is an "off" shoulder, then there must be an "on" shoulder... and everything I shoot "drops in their tracks" (except what I wing-shoot). :wink:
Good one Sam. (y)

It's kind of funny, the catchy little phrases that get picked up. I'm guilty too.

I'm so glad none of the animals I've shot have ever taken a "dirt nap". Also, I don't consider my hunts an attempt to "get it done".

(Phrases from TV shows that annoy me.)
My ex was from a suburb of the Windy City.
Even after I ruined her and got her into hunting (one deer with muzzleloader, one with bow) she would still ask me when I came home from hunting:
"Did you catch anything?" Always cracked me up.

She passed in 2012 after we split but I'm still online buddies with her family.
Every year they ask me if I caught anything......while hunting.

Last time I ran into a word/phrase that had me choking on coffee and snorting it out my nose was at the local gun shop.
They have free coffee and some of us were taking advantage when one guy next to me was telling us all about how dumb his wife is and that she couldn't handle him being such an "intra-lectual".

I may have pssd him off a tad but I couldn't help it.......I was dying with laughter and ended up having to go outside so I could stop.

I tried to apologize.....and bust out laughing again.
I think it may have something to do with no matter who is doing what........this guy will tell them they are doing it wrong.
Good thread.
God Bless
Ya, my sister is big on asking me "Did you catch anything" too. :)

Pretty funny. She has done a little fishing, but isn't a hunter at all, so that fishing background may be where her use of the phrase came from.

A very good post Guy! I slip now and again too but this is my all time favorite. This guy is trying to explain why a 7mm-08 is “better” than a .270:


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