Got a good package in the mail.


Mar 6, 2017
A good guy on here, Dan from WV hooked me up with these. He had mentioned to me a while back that he had seen some of the 348 Hornady bullets at a shop near him if I wanted him to get them. At first I passed because I knew where there was 4 boxes locally that I ended up getting. 400 sounds like a lot but when I got to thinking about it, if it's the only bullet I'm shooting in that rifle, and they don't make them anymore, just 30 practice shots throughout a yr, in 10 yrs I would be down to 1 box.

He checked on the price and I told him at that price buy all they would sell him. So now with these 6, I have 10 boxes. That should be a lifetime supply for sure. I got a buddy that was bugging me to sell him a box when he found out I got 400. Now that I got all these I can sell him a box at cost and still have more than enough. Thanks Dan! (y)