****Hackers back again...Sent a few messages out...looks like we got hacked


Dec 24, 2011
Looks like we got hacked...
Is there a way to ignore these? I see 12 pages of this nonsense since our last legit post
Bad boys, whatcha want
Watcha want, whatcha gonna do?
When Sheriff Fotis and JD come for you
Tell me whatcha wanna do, whatcha gonna do? :ROFLMAO:

Ban that persistent spammer.
I wonder what the scam is? How does somebody make money out of posting airline booking whatever's (didn't click on any) on a reloading site? Phishing for clicks?
I'm prepared to tell American Airlines and Air Canada that I definitely won't ever fly their airline because they encourage these pests to destroy what is enjoyed by others. Maybe the airlines themselves will take steps to put an end to this is enough people let them know that the spamming is not appreciated.
It seems these azzhats are using user names with 10 characters , letters and numbers. What would that significance of that be? JD is working harder on the weekend than I do during the work week😁
Easier said t done...
It's a battle against an automated system.
It's all cleaned up for now.