Henry Big Boy .45 gets it done


May 16, 2016
This was my first year to deer hunt with my Henry Big Boy .45. I worked up a load with the 250gr Hornady XTP that shoots pretty well. Took a doe at about 60 yards yesterday, with a shot that obliterated her heart. And then this morning, I took this nice buck at about 30 yards. He didn't go far.

9 distinct points plus a couple of stickers. 21" outside spread, 19" inside spread. Field dressed 185 lbs. Good-sized deer for these parts. He was trailing a doe at the time.

Oh...and Wile E. Coyote didn't like my load, either. Smoked a big dog about 30 minutes or so before the buck came along.

Thankful for the blessings of a successful hunt and health and strength to enjoy it.

Excellent! Congratulations on using a lever gun. Mine have accounted for quite a number of deer, elk and moose. Love them. Again, congratulations on a fine buck and a full freezer.
Awesome! I have such a soft spot for lever guns. Congrats

I have yet to begin to procrastinate