Hi All


Apr 4, 2010
Hi All
I realize that you haven't heard from me in a while. I thought this was a good time hare my recent North Eastern Oregon hunt as we had similar circumstances as many others. Our scouting day was great and we did find some elk where expected. As we had a 3.5 mile 2,000 foot climb to get into where we had spotted the elk , we started up the trail early opening morning. We were a little late and the elk had fed back in the timber by the time we got there, so we found us a spot to build a fire and hunker in for the day. Wind was brisk as usual but we had high hopes. At 1 pm, we started easing into our ambush site. and I noticed a line of clouds to our west, and told my grandson that a cold front was coming in and it looked like rain. At two PM the wind increased to somewhere above 20 mph and the rain, sleet and snow came hard. We pulled out and got out of there. Next day was again windy and by afternoon, gusts, occasional trees were falling, So once again we headed for cover. Rain showers were predicted for the next day and once again the weather service was right, but wind was not an issue. We made it into our ambush point about 1 min, before the elk arrived but did manage thread a bullet past the 30 plus cows and drop a yearling bull. Two more days of packing got him safely in camp and we pulled up and got back home. At 78 those hills are starting to be difficult for me and I was very pleased that I was still able to get the job done.

Good hunting and have a great day!!!
Congratulations. Your persistence and perseverance have paid off. I hope I can match that in a few years when I am your age.
Outstanding, Bill! We’ve all missed your posts of late. Glad you’re out there still getting it done, especially in the company of your grandson!
Congrats Sir! Just for getting out and filling your tag. Nice to know we can still get out. CL
Congratulations! I pray I'll be able to get out and hunt at 78 with my grandsons, well done. Good to have you back posting.