Hoffman's Thins Pro Series Claw lug 14" pac boots: REVIEW

6mm Remington

Ammo Smith
Feb 27, 2006
I recently was gifted at Christmas time a wonderful gift by my lovely bride. She got me a pair of HOFFMAN THINS PRO SERIES CLAW LUG 14" pac boots. I've been out wolf hunting with them a couple times now and I am thrilled with these pacs.

1. Nice heavy leather in the boots with triple stiching in the uppers.
2. The rubber bottoms are fantastic quality and very well made.
3. The Claw Lug sole is great. The traction is aggressive, the lugs are deep, and they have an agressive outside lug on the pac boots. In the arch area there is also a couple of lugs for increased traction. Very well thought out.
4. The brass eyelets are well designed and strong and the 200 gram Thinsulate liner is of very good quality. The laces that come with the pacs are excellent.
5. Made in the USA

My feet were warm and dry, and were also very comfortable. I like the 14" height as it supports your ankles and your calves. If you are considering getting a new pair of hunting pacs I would highly recommend Hoffman's Thins Pro Series.
That's a biiiiig dog. I heard a lot of them bear hunting in Idaho and when you're all alone on a mountainside, and it's almost dark, and you can hear them calling to each other a couple hundred yards away... Slightly uncomfortable.
Those boots look great David. I needed a new pair of winter boots last year and went with pac boots by Schnee - a Montana company.

I understand that the rubber lowers on the Schnee boots are made in Italy, then the uppers are made here and attached. Comfortable and warm with excellent traction.


I hope you get that wolf! :)

Guy I've had Schnees Hunter II boots for years and have really liked them. I sold my Schnees because my feet had grown enough and my arch flattened to wear my boots were just a bit uncomfortable. Always jamming the toes. Loved them though.