Hornady Handheld Priming Tool

Hornady has great products. Most all my dies are Redding but my 45-70 set is a Hornady Custom dies. It loads very accurate ammo. Their comparator system also works flawlessly as long as you have the inserts for your caliber bullets and the case. You can also make your own fireformed case for it by drilling and tapping the case head to screw on the OAL gauge. I also love their case lube rubbed into a dry stamp pad. Roll the cases on the stamp pad and you never get too much lube on the case.
Glad to hear the Hornady is working well for you, Guy. i broke my Lee Auto Prime after about 40 years of service, it worked great and bought a RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool. It doesn't work very well, have had problems the cases coming out of the little adjustable shell holder. I talked to RCBS customer service today and I'm sending it back. I also bought a Frankford Arsenal and it works better, but not as good as my old Lee.
I have lost count of how many cases I have primed with mine. I have one set up for small and one for large. The only cases I don't do are pistol; Those I do on the progressive. The Hornady hand primer is one of my favorites!
I saw this post awhile back and have been looking for one ever since. Finally found one locally last week and tried it out last night. Wow. So much better that the RCBS that I quit using years ago and way nicer results than using the press. Won't use anything else from here on out.

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