I Got A Cannon

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Ammo Smith
Mar 11, 2013
Maybe not what most of you would expect or consider but on a spring air rifle platform they don't come any bigger.
The rifle is a Diana 52 in .25 cal.
The rifle was an idea inspired by my late friend OC Bolding who at the time was a member of the Diana Works Collective air rifle forum.
The rifle was built to launch a .25 cal pellet at 850 fps.
The original pellet weight was 20-25grs.
OC was big into PCP rifles and wanted something that he wouldn't have to keep filling a scuba tank to shoot.
He got enough interest from other members to get Diana to make a special run on their Model 52 ordered thru a vender who backed the purchase.
After the guns arrived it was soon learned there was a problem since they didn't perform as planed. So there was some modification to be done by a qualified machinist and spring air rifle tuner to get them to do what was expected.
There were only 24 of these rifles made in this caliber and the one I got that was my friends is #3 of 24.
After considerable trial and error the rifle was improved and performed up to expectations.
Since you can't reload a cartridge and adjust powder charges you have to still get into the power plant and make changes to get velocity and balance everything out.
Vibrations and Harmonics play a big roll in accuracy from spring air rifles.

My rifle was built in 2013 and though 7 years doesn't sound like much the useful life of the spring can vary and 7 years can be a life time.
The rifle was held up in the USPS DC in Baltimore due to Covid which was causing staffing problems.
When I got the rifle I put a recoil less scope mount on it and put a spring air rifle 3-9 scope in the mount and bolted it on top of the rifle.

The pellets I had on hand are 25.4gr and is about right for the power plant.

While sighting in at 15yds in a 12mph cross wind I found the little scope tracked very well and to my surprise the rifle performed better then I anticipated.
The first group of 5 shots went into .5" and the second group opened up to .82" after the stick on dot fell off the target and I had to use a hole in the group to sight on.
Even so not bad for this gun and I will have to shoot it over the chrony to see what it is putting out.

Incase your wonder what is on the end of the barrel it's a sound moderator/silencer which is legal because it isn't a fire arm according to the ATF.


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Pretty sweet! I love shooting air guns at home. Have an 8" gong nailed to the tree at 25 yards to pass the time. I have a crossman nitro piston .22 Cal that shoots pretty good with the GAMO match flat point pellets. I believe it's around the 850-900fps mark as well.
Thanks for the comments fellas.
With powder and primers scares shooting air rifles are less expensive to shoot and makes for cheap practice.
This one was a sentimental acquirement but it will serve to help pass the time and get trigger time in also.
The less expensive air rifles air fun to shoot till you shoot a good one and find out there is much more to it then just slinging lead at a target and they can be as accurate or more accurate then your cartridge guns. They also help you learn how to compensate for long range shots.
Well, that is an impressive rifle! I almost started work on replacing the seals in my old Crossman today. Decided to wait until spring, when I can get o my tools in the garage a little easier. That one should be fun! CL