Moose hunt 2018 Advice

For what ever it's worth I spoke with a buddy of mine that flys Air Taxi out of Dillingham that drops off in the same area as your going into. I mentioned this law you told about not removing meat from the bone.
He confirmed that is correct HOWEVER: He said you most certainly } CAN {cut the quarters into TWO pieces to lug
them!!! You just can't remove them from the bone! So I think you may have gotten the wrong idea there???
So take a saw in and simply cut em into two pieces ( on the bone) and your good to go!
Here is what a 55"ER looks like here in Maine: just before they find out how many similarities there are; between the 35 Whelen and a .338WM ! :shock: IMG_2508.JPG
Good to know, thanks! Maybe our outfitter said different because it's his policy not the law.
hodgeman":2npo4lo3 said:
I can offer this...
.300 with 180 Accubonds...that'll work just fine.

Take real rain gear, Helly Hansen guide coat over waders or hip boots is tough to beat...some days your "waterproof and breathable" jacket will be fine, some days it won't. I'd take a 0F bag. Better to sleep too warm than too cold.

Packing moose quarters on anything other than a rigid frame sucks, well on a frame it still sucks...just less.

Shoot moose close to camp or the not shoot a moose in the water. Trust me on this.

Opinions vary on the second shot. Shoot once and let the bullet do its job, do not expect to drop a moose on the spot. The second shot usually sends them running for the nastiest hole they can find to die in, if you give them a minute they usually die right there.

I don't get the "no fire in camp" thing...we have forest fires up here every year. It's not like the moose don't ever smell smoke. I just don't usually find moose to be all that wary- even in pressured areas. During the onset of the rut they get positively stupid. I've had them come running to the wooing sounds of a chainsaw or walk into camp grunting and snotting. Check out the video "Love, Thunder and Bull".

Chainsaws Woo me too, but for slightly different reasons.