My take on Presidet Trump

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I will definetly NOT get involved in local politics here, since I get all info - well - from media...
But I would like to get a better idea what the 'deep state' is?
In recent years new faces seem to be leading opinion to a certain degree, that - from what I read - are not from 'old famolies'.
Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, others of Silicon Valley.
Are they part of it, or something different?
Undermined by deep state?
Would like to understand better what's going on...

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The deep state is a group of non elected bureaucrats that run the Government. These are career government workers that work without consequence to the people in power. While they may report to the appointed heads of departments, they do not necessarily act in their favor. They act as they see fit and because they are all protected by other deep state actors they can do pretty much anything without consequence even if it is totally unlawful their compadres in crime will make sure they never spend a day in jail. This circumstance is what so many Americans are upset about. With everything that has gone down, the lies, the leaks to the press, the making criminals of completely innocent people, (for example General Flynn) people are upset because if no one goes to jail for these actions then there is no Justice. Without justice, then the one triad of our Republic does not hold true and the entire concept of Liberty and Justice for all is a farce.

All the social media people you mention, Facebook, Twitter, are what we the conservatives have labeled as “The masters of the Universe”. Why? Because what everyone of us beliefs are formed from thoughts that have been imparted to us since birth. From school, from any religious beliefs and finally social media. These tech giants along with google, Microsoft and others can manipulate searches to turn up documents they want you to believe are true and not promote ideas they do not agree with. To a large extent these media and tech giants can shape what we think. What we think then becomes a belief. Whether it has basis or not or if it is even logical, it does not matter. You get presented something as facts long enough and you start to accept is as truth. This why they are so dangerous because they shape thought and beliefs that have nothing to do with facts. As Joe Biden said” Democrats believe in truth not facts”. This is because facts do not matter only the truth that they tell you it is. So truth is basically whatever they want it to be.

The last leg of this hydra monster is the Media. The media controls what goes out into the ether. This is consumed by the masses and they project to them what the truth is. Political leftist have learned to control the largest part of daily media. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. By doing so they manipulate or control what the “truth is”. Ie. Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign. This was a lie created and perpetuated by the Democrat establishment, nurtured by the FBI and the CIA to promote the Russian collusion delusion. All of it total absolute hog wash. But every night we hear Congressman Adam Schiff say he had absolute proof that Trump was a operative of the Russian Government. Nancy Pelosi echoed this everyday. And every night CNN and MSNBC would get a leak from some high official with anonymity that the shoe was about to drop. Trump had committed treason and was a Russian asset. Well this went on for two years and what came out of the Mueller report nothing. Why because there was nothing. But everyday they reported some leak or new information and they would say “ the walls are closing in on Trump”. So after more than two years, all of it is a utter complete lie that media, the deep state and democratic political operatives had been selling the American people for over two years. Why because they thought as Goering once said “ tell a lie over and over again long enough and people will start believing it is the truth”. So the media is where the deep state, the Democratic political operatives and the leftist media consort to tell a story to the American people. A story that is exactly that, a story, a fabricated story, and If everyone ( media, social media, deep state operatives, search engine tech companies and democratic operatives) are all echoing that it is true, it must be true. This is like George Orwell’s 1984. Big brother is all of them working in consort with each other.

I believe that the left though having massive control of all of these levers of thought shaping that they could basically pull off a soft coup of our duly elected President and subvert the will of the people. All of these actors consorted with each other daily. They have no interest in truth. They think they can shape truth and as I said earlier make truth what ever they want it to be. Pretty scary. Pretty powerful. Unfortunately this is where we are and I believe again that the deep state in consort with search engine media, social media and the alt left are convinced in the end they will win. They could not take Trump out with Russia Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, the racist comments, and the COVID19 collapsing of the economies around the globe,. So now it is the George Floyd, let’s burn the country down initiative. So what is next. What is the next shoe to drop because the left is not done yet. They are still breathing. And yes if it meant burning down the entire country to achieve there goal, well then yes burn it all down. Sorry for my rant, just wanted to paint the proper picture.

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England":32ueon24 said:
I think you missed one, Racist.
The racists are always Democrats in American Politics. Then these same Democrats blame all their political opponents as being racists.