Nahum Takes a Moose

That's fantastic Mike, congratulations to the both of you.
Nicely done.

Sounds like a GREAT experience for all. Excellent day!!
Taking young hunters is such a privilege. To see the wonder in thier eyes!!
Wonderful tale Mike! Kudos to you for taking the young men under your tutelage. Of course you enjoyed a reward as well. Just special all the way around. Congrats to Nahum. Sounds like your Grandson did a heck of a job as well. Young eyes...remember when? :shock: CL
Thank you, fellows. I do enjoy seeing the excitement in these young men as they catch the fever. Charlie, I think all of us remember our first big game animal. I can still see the old, abandoned tree stand I climbed down in the Caribou, hear the mule deer grunt as he came in to the doe bleat I was using and witness the excitement as he collapsed after the 250 grain 35 calibre Speer flat nose was driven through his vitals. The smell, the sights and the sounds are indelibly printed in my memory. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of a mentor. I don't want these lads to have to learn as I did through trial and lots of errors.
I have tried to mentor my (5) children with mixed results. The oldest two boys took to hunting and fishing like ducks to water. The girls folded early on to west coast peer pressure and wanted nothing to do with it. My youngest boy is a mixed bag. His mother fought every effort that I made to culturalise him to be a man. I did teach him to shoot and bought him a shotgun. He shot it once and later moved out for college and now lives in New Yawk!

I wish that I could say that my results were better. However, my spouse had a lot to do with that process.
What a wonderful story and reward for a young man who shows promise as a conscientious hunter! Kudos to you for teaching those young men how to reload, shoot, and care for a kill. Karma blessed you with a short packout! Congratulations!
Tell that boy he did a great job! He's truly blessed to have a mentor like you. I'm going to have to read the first story as I'm very interested in the .300 Savage of late.
taylorce1":dcnbv7io said:
Tell that boy he did a great job! He's truly blessed to have a mentor like you. I'm going to have to read the first story as I'm very interested in the .300 Savage of late.

The 300 Savage is a great cartridge when used within its range. It can certainly be overlooked. I'm certain your daughter will do quite well with this cartridge.
Awesome! You are a one of a kind Dr. Mike. Nahum was lucky to have such a mentor. Made my Thanksgiving reading this post!
Just doing what I believe almost any posting here do on a regular basis. I believe most of us are convinced that children really are the future of hunting.
Mike, I know you guys were in a hurry during the skinning and processing but any notes on the bullet or how it did? Where it traveled and did it pass on through?

Sorry, I was just sitting here drinking coffee and wondered about it.
We did not recover the bullet. Since I wasn't actually skinning and dark was coming on fast, I didn't see it when we peeled the hide off. I actually think it slid back into the mess that was inside the thorax. The lungs were pretty shredded, though the heart was intact.
These are great young men, Tom. It is a privilege to work with them.