Need a new book/author


Oct 17, 2011
This Christmas I received two books by Peter Hathaway Capstick which included "Death in the long Grass" and "Death in the Dark Continent". I very much enjoyed Capstick's use of words, and I enjoyed his descriptions of the hunt. It was a page turner my fiancé didn't have the same appreciation for as I did. Some how she got the impression that I loved Capstick more than her :oops:

I've researched authors but was curious if anyone who has read Capstick and enjoyed it as much as I had any suggestions on other books by other authors? Any information would be appreciated!

Hi .300 winmag
I've enjoyed reading Capstick too and if I remember right Death in the Long Grass was one of my favorites.
I picked up Robert Ruarks Horn of the Hunter recently but have not started it yet but its supposed to be one of the best. A couple that I have read are Elephants, Ivory & Hunters by Tony Sanchez-Arino and African Rifles and Cartridges by John Taylor, both very good books but different from Capstick. Another book thats very interesting is African Games Trails by the late President Theodore Roosevelt. Safari Press has lots of books on hunting Africa and hunting worldwide :p
I'll second anything by Ruark and Roosevelt. I just picked up LONE SURVIVOR. if you have not read it you should. I couldn't put it down, read the whole thing in one night. I guess you could call it a hunting story. In any event it is one Hell of a story and much better than the movie. Honor, courage and integrity never go out of style.
Two Hearts one Passion with Dick & Mary Cabela I have read the second one of theirs too which isn't bad but not as good as their first
Funny this topic appeared... I was going to ask if anyone had any good reads about African hunting. I have all of Capstick's books.

Not that Ruark and Roosevelt are not good writers, I was hoping for something from where Capstick left off.