New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

Great group....unfortunately Hodgdon announced the end of the IMR Enduron no more 8133.
The Enduron was just market hype anyway!
I tried IMR 4833 was not impressed still have over half a pound unused went back to IMR 4350.
I have 2 Bergara B14 Ridge a 300 WM and 308 Win both are what Rem 700 should have been. I think Ed Shilen had a role in the barrel making at Bergara. Really like the No 5 weight barrel of the Ridge.
I had a Bergara B14 Ridge 7mm08. Shot great, no complaints. Just a little more weight than I wanted to carry around but did it. After I got my son's Rem 700 270 back and changed stock and trigger, I really lost interest, so I sold it. I'd buy another Bergara one of the slimmer barrel models. Just me. Dan.

I oughta do Bergara's field photography for them. ;)
Love the Bergara, my preference has always been the Hunter model. Two 300WMs. 30-06, 6.5 Creedmoor and a .270. Put TTs in most, hd "skim bedding" done, that's it. Just the right balance/weight for me, I want nothing heavier though.