NEW FOR 2006


Sep 23, 2004
Nosler will have the following for 2006

.204 40grain Ballistic Tip
.224 52grain HPBT
.308 165grain AccuBond
.338 200grain AccuBond

6.5mm AccuBond TBD (Mid Year Introduction)

204 Ruger Brass
6.5-284 Norma Brass
280 Remington Brass
300 Remington Ultra Magnum Brass
300 Weatherby Brass

Thanks for the 2006 new product release!
Looking forward to the .338 200 gr AB's.
What is the intended use for the .224 52 gr HPBT? I am thinking coyotes with my 22-250.


Thank you....Thank you......Thank you :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Just what the doctor ordered (165 gr 308 AccuBond)

how about a 85 -95 grain accbond in 6.5...
would fit the lineup perfect.. very limited choices
in the lighter bullet weights for the 6.5 .
an what is out there are designed to be explosive.
would like a lighter weight hunting bullet for my encore pistol
chuck wallace

Thanks for the new entries.
Can you give us any more info about them? Like when they may acctualy be available and what the BC of the 40 gr. 20 caliber bullet might be?

I'm a buyer on the 6.5s, hope they come out well before hunting season.

I'll put my order in for a high BC 110 grain.
nosler, your very lucky too work 4 such a Great company, good thing John Nosler sn. had bullet problems hunting moose back in the day. its great men like him that inspire others to excell ,keep the inovations comming..........REGARDS,jjmp...
Thanks for the good news regarding the forthcoming 6.5 Accubonds. I guess that delayed introduction will give me time to use up the 129 gr Hornadys I just ordered :x . By the way, if you need any "Beta testers", just give some to Matt Smith the next time he drops by, I am sure he will get them to me. If they will shoot in my finicky Howa 6.5x55, they will shoot in anything.
I am betting on a 125 or 130 gr final weight to keep the length of the bullet within standard twist rate stability range. Looking forward to try them out. Even if I have to buy them... :grin:
I agree with the 6.5 being between 120-130. Can't wait to try them out in my Steyr .260 Remington.
AWESOME! Nosler musta answered my prayer for the 300 RUM brass. Not only I, but I know a lot of people will be happy about the brass. It gives the custom guys a lot better brass to work with and expect top notch accuracy.
Nosler-- Thank you for placing the 40 gr. .204 caliber bullet on your list of new products for 2006. I too, am interested in what the BC is for this bullet. Also, will you be publishing any load data for that bullet at or before the time it becomes available? If so, where will it be available?

Dear Santa....

All I want for christmas is a 257/100 and 6.5/120 orginal Solid Base.

I've been a good boy...Honest! :roll:

PS...The re-introduced Solid Base works as well as the old ones. 5 for 5.