NEW FOR 2006

I love the 6.5 bore, I have an awesome 264 Win Mag custom built with #5 fluted Krieger barrel, trued Remington action, this really makes my year to have such an awesome addition to my favorite bullet, the AccuBond. I certainly thank the ones in charge for picking this one.
NOSLER":3lr9y2pz said:
The 6.5mm AccuBond is preliminary in creation but will be a 130 gr.

Oh no. At 260 Rem and 6.5x55 velocity with 130g bullets, why does one need a Premium bullet? I would have no problem with this except the odds of coming out with a second, lighter AccuBond in 26 cal are likely zero and none. Now will the competition come out with a 129g bonded competitor? I hoped Nosler would give the short action 6.5 bores a nice option that could be driven 2,950 - 3,100 fps (meaning a 110g - 120g AccuBond). Maybe someone (hopefully Nosler) will come out with a lightweight, bonded bullet for short action 6.5s. The higher velocity is where the bonded bullet is needed.
While I am excited to hear that Nosler is coming out with a 26 cal. AB
I have to wonder why a 130 grain weight when most shooters will be shooting 260's and Sweedes.
What is the 130 grain going to offer me a 125 NP wont already give me?
I'm loaded up on those and now I have to find a reason to buy 130s?

In my 264 win mag it might have an application but...the AB's wont penetrate as well as the NPs. Might as well stick with the 140 NP for the 264 for elk. If the AB has a high BC it might fit the 264 for long range deer hunting.

A high BC 115 grain bullet spit out at high speeds will turn us shooters on.
This would be ideal for 260 capacity shooters.

It could look like this;
115 grain 6.5 AB
3,100 fps
.465 BC

This would best a 25-06 shooting 120s.

That would be a winner in my book and even turn my 264 into a beast from hell.

Think again, Mr. Nosler. We love ya!
I have to be candid....

I'll be buying the new 6.5 120 Interbond before I'll buy a 6.5 130 AccuBond.
Simply fits my applications for both my 26 caliber rifles, 260 and 264.

My guess is Nosler has an order from a European country that wants
the 130 grain weight That's why 130.

Nosler probably cut a deal with Norma who owns 30% of the euro market
is my best guess.
As long as we are speculating on why Nosler chose to go for the 130 gr weight for the 6.5 AccuBond, I may as well whip out my "crystal ball".
They chose the 130 gr wieght for the following reasons:
1. They like maximum weight for their initial production of Accubonds in most calibers because many people step up to premium bullets when they step up to bigger game than what the cartridge can handle with standard bullets. I would guess that the 140 gr Partition outsells the 125 gr and 100 gr by a good margin in the 6.5.

2. a 140 gr AccuBond would be too long to stabilize in some factory twist barrels in some cartridges.

3. they also want the heaviest stable bullet to take full advantage of the best ballistic coefficient available for the caliber and to make it shoot as flat as possible for long range.

4. They desperately wanted to make me quit shooting the 129 gr Hornady SP that is actually accurate in my Howa 6.5x55, and the 130 gr AccuBond will do it.

5. Hornady can keep their 120 gr Interbond because my Howa doesn't like 120 gr bullets nearly as much as it likes 129 (or 130 I am willing to bet) and 140 gr bullets. And I much prefer Nosler bullets, period.

And as to the difference between the 130 gr AccuBond and the 140 gr Partition, I am betting that the AccuBond will give much better accuracy from most rifles. The .270 140 gr AccuBond is the most accurate bullet I have tried in my .270WSM, and I have tried most of them.

Sure hope they become available soon!

Interesting points.

I'm betting that Nosler came out with the heaviest weight bullet that would stabilize in a standard factory twist of most cartridges. The AB is fairly long and would probably not stabilize in the 1:9" twist of the 260 Rem, thus the 130g selection. This is consistent with Nosler's release of heavy-for-caliber ABs in other calibers. Still doesn't make me like it though! :lol:

What can I say, if a 110g AB is "ideal" for a 25-06, then a 110g - 115g would also be ideal for 26 cal. This would create a flat shooting 260 Rem round that could handle the extra velocity on a close shot. I know, the 115g is the longest bullet that would consistently stabilize with the twist used in most 25 cal rifles. Still, I would sure like to have a lighter weight 26 cal bullet (that could be driven 3,000 - 3,100 fps) with a good BC (and plastic tip) that was built to handle 3,050 - 3,100 fps impact velocity if needed on a close shot.

I would use the 140g Partition or 120g X bullet on elk size game. For deer size game, what is any bullet on the market do that the 129g Hornady will not do equally or better?........and it's cheaper. Well, I give the 120g Nosler BT the edge for a very long shot since it has a better BC but it doens't handle the close impact as well as the Hornady.

No one offers a good 110g - 115g hunting bullet in 26 cal. There is a niche here if anyone will stand up and fill it. At the speeds a 260 Rem can drive a 110g bullet, I would prefer a premium.
Good posts-

Please realize the 6.5mm AB is NOT set in stone. The AB just allows us to make some heavier bullets that we normally wouldn't be able to make with the BT.

It is all open for discussion

Thanks for the input
How will the B.C. compare of the 165g B.T. and the A.B.

I am not sure if I will switch, because I have such good luck with the B.T.

I am looking for a lower recoil for my Grandpa and his 300H&H for elk. Right now I have him 180 g B.T. and 200g Sierra Gamekings, are 200g B.T. or A.B. in the making?

Thanks for considering us 6.5 folks. My feeling is the 130 in the 6.5 is overkill for deer/antelope and on the light side for elk. I understand why with the length issue the AB can't be a 140. Therefore, the 120 AB would be great for deer and us Nosler fans could stick with the 140 PT for anything bigger. It just seems like it needs to be kept simple not to confuse people. Rumor is the other company will be bringing out their 6.5 premium bullet in a 120 gr. pill. If Nosler were to match the weight, the bullet war would be on.

I think they already make a .308 AccuBond in 200 grain size. That should fit the bill you mentioned perfectly. Of course the 165 grain option will fill a perfect niche as well.

I agree that most (not all) of us shooting 6.5 bullets are so in moderate velocity cartridges such as the 260 Rem or the 6.5 Swede. In my Swede my prime bullet right now is the 129 Hornady and that seems matched nicely to the Swede's pressures - that is, for that weight, I'd have no reason to change.

What I need is a round that can go deer or elk at a higher velocity than the standard designs 129/130 and 140g bullets for when I want some hydrostatic effects while still benefiting from the core/jacket advantages of the AB type. I suspect that's somewhere around 120g, but I'll certainly accept your engineering solutions on it.

That'll get me to change from Hornady, but a 130 won't.

An AccuBond in 130 grain? Why the need for that? I'll stick to the 129 Hornady at 260 Rem velocity. I think you should have come out with a 120 to 125 grain AccuBond. I am sure you dont want another bullet to compete against your own. But, you have a formidable task ahead of you, as the 129 Hornady is frankly "Perfect" in the 260 Rem. The 264 win mag can use it, but the slower velocity cartridges, like the 260 and 6.5x55 really dont need a bonded bullet in the 130 grain weight. Wonder what Hornady will introduce with their higher retained weight Interbond?
su35":3j14nco5 said:
The 6.5 120 will be out in '06, it was just announced by Hornaday.
Link please, I just wore out Google.

Here's another vote for a 110-120 gr 6.5. Swift came out with their 130 Scirocco with an outragous claimed BC, that and the Hornady 129 are tough to beat. Besides, what we need is a speedy deer killer for the .260 and 6.5x55. I know you already have the 100 PT but it's too short for my throat, and I'd like a bonded with a little more weight and a better BC anyway.

I like this, democracy in action. :grin:
I emailed Hornady over the weekend and they got back to me today.



I just read an internet rumor that Hornady recently announced a 120 grain 6.5mm Interbond. This is just what I'm looking for. Is there any information that you can give me about it? Length, BC etc.?

Thank you



Ok, I hadn't heard a thing, but I did do some checking on it. The idea has been discussed and at this time we will not be making a 6.5 cal in the Interbond.

Tonya Fink


110-120 gr for deer/antelope and the market would be all yours.
115 gr AccuBond in 6.5mm equals awesome mule deer on down bullet in 260 , 6.5x55, and 6.5x284 velocities. There just arent enough 6.5 mags around to worry about them.....LOL.