NM Elk Hunt

So found some old Barnes TSX handloads I made up about 15 years ago and they shot pretty well out of the M48 Legacy. The rifle seems to shoot just about anything you feed it well. I had a shot at redemption with the kiddos and was lucky enough to connect a little better this time around. Mom was along to get a few pics. It was a great first elk hunt for the kids and they did awesome! They helped with the field dressing and got a crash course in what makes an ungulate tick. I couldn’t be more happy and proud.


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Superb hunt, Joe! Glad the children were able to be with you. Love those pictures of young'uns joining dad on the hunt.
Again thanks for the pictures. Very happy you were able to find some ammo and seal the deal and spend time with the family in the field.
Joe having your family in the field with you is always a win-win situation :mrgreen:.
Thank you for letting us all be a part of this hunt (y).
Beautiful photos!!

Congrats Joe. Fresh elk in the vehicle for the trip home has to be a bonus. Congrats buddy.

Give us some details on the TSX load.
Well, congratulations!

Fresh elk steaks? Never a bad thing... (y)

Getting the family in on the hunt? Super!

Congratulations on the elk! Great to see the kids out with you. Excellent photos.
Thank you guys! It was a great hunt and wonderful to have the family along. The wife really got some super pics of the hunt and kids. I really got a kick out of the kids. I was glad to find those old handloads of a 180 Barnes TSX with 74gr of 7828sc in Win cases. They punched through both sides of the elk and made a mess of the lungs.


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Fine dining and taken before the family. Doesn't get much better than that! (y)
New Mexico and Elk... Can't go wrong with either. I sure do miss it.

Congrats on the hunt. Looks like some great memories to be made for all.