OAL for 28 Nosler 168gr ABLR


Aug 6, 2019
Has anyone loaded a Nosler M48 in 28 Nosler and the AccuBond Long Range bullet?

I am looking for some context and a second opinion as I am now in the process of creating a OAL ladder for a new M48 rifle with a 168gr ABLR. I measured a very large jump with the 168gr ABLR - .190!! (OAL gauge measurement of 3.530 - book OACL 3.340). This is the longest jump I've ever seen. Does that match anyone else's work? I've read that the ABLR likes a jump of around .075. However this is a hunting weapon so I need the cartridge to reliably load from the magazine so I am concerned about an additional .115 (i.e. a 3.455 OACL).

Finally - The rifle is broken in and I have finished my first round of powder selection and powder charge ladders. I settled upon US869 at 91.2gr. It produced 3236fps and shot a .40 MOA group at 200yrds. The velocity was a bit faster than I expected but it was hot at 92 degrees.

thank you
Don’t sweat it. If they shoot that far back I’d load till they feed nicely through the magazine and have at it. 3200 with that bullet is good stuff. Post up how you make out.