Oregon 2013 Elk Hunt


The 210 gr PT is an awesome bullet for elk. Lots of shocking power and penetration.

Nice work on your double! Scotty, glad to hear the 338 got out in the woods this year and looks like the Kenetreks got a few more miles on 'em. Bill, sorry if I missed it in the post, but what was your cartridge and load this year? Regardless, it looks like it brought home the bacon and under less than favorable conditions in a nasty blowing wind. The pics were awesome. It must have been no joke getting that trailer out of there and I'm glad that Dodge was all chained up. A sticky transfer case can really make for a bad day in the mountains. I've been there when my buddy's electronic T-case froze and wouldn't go into low. It made for a little more shoveling and a lot more throttle on the way out. Scotty, I don't envy you on that return trip back East. Congrats again gents on meat in the freezer and a tale well told.
338s are good but there not needed for 300-400 yard elk. They have there place up there however.

We use 7 or 300 mags and seem to do just fine across those big 500-1200 yard canyons...

The elk are still there if you know where to go and put some hard work into them.
You guys did well! Two bulls on the same hill-side, can't beat that.

And the 210 gr. PT is a fine elk bullet, having used it on several hunts.
Joe, it's funny you mention the Kenetreks. I'm sending mine back. With the wet weather up there, they soaked completely through the first day. Never completely dried out at night and we just horrible. Left boot sole is delaminating. Called Kenetrek this morning, they said to send them back for inspection. Hoping they do something with them. They were very expensive and if they won't make it right I will put the word out anywhere I can. I've only hunted them twice in tough conditions. Once last year in Idaho and this hunt in Oregon. For what they cost, they should be SUPER boots. That is not the case.

Jorey, I agree, no one needs a 338 for elk, at all. No elk will walk away with a good 30 or 7 pushing good bullets. But, that's what the rifle is intended for, so I use it. Might try some 225 ABs this year. If they shoot, I'll get some free BC and won't lose too much speed. I'm a 600 yard max shooter, so just about any of our big rifles will get it done.

Bill was shooting his 66 Model 70 300 Win Mag, loaded with the same 180 PTs he's been shooting forever. The actual bullets in his loads might have been older than me! Ha
Damn Scotty, I'm sorry to hear that. On a positive note, I've heard that they have excellent customer service. Hopefully you got a bad pair and they'll make it right. Let me know if they do you wrong. I've got a few brothers out there myself on the grape vine and I'll put the word out.
Will do Joe. Hoping it goes well. I like the boots. Just want them to live up there guarantee.
Congrats to both of you! Terrific pictures of some great country. And really, really glad to see that .338 laid across a big furry elk. Well done, through and through.
Excellent pics and narative Scotty. Wow! what a fantastic location...so good to see the hunting terrain and hear about the weather conditions you and your friend Bill enjoyed. A successful outcome too. Just brilliant!
Cheers, ATB ET
Thank you very much fellas. Know I've bee getting the meat hung in te cooler and ready for cutting.
Nice work Scotty & Bill! I know right where you were. I have always wanted to make the hike up there. Always thought it would hold some good bucks, spring bears, as well as bulls. From the pic of Bill packing out, you can see some of our family property down the river a bit.

Glad you guys were able to get into some elk! Sorry I couldn't make it up to give you a hand. I was on my way to Idaho for my buck hunt when I got your text about knocking two down.

Don't listen to Jorey about the 338. They are one of the best elk guns out there! I think you would be pretty dang happy with the 225 AB. It's a heck of a combination out of the 338 WM.
Nice elk for eating and for shooting...Shooting twice on a bull at that range and scoring shows a lot of sticking to the task at hand. Having both of you score at the same time in the mountains is lucky as well as can be Plus the Winchester 338 came through for you in the woods. Fine elk both of yau
Great job to both of you. I am really missing hunting elk this year. Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through the telling of your excursion!
I used the same combination that I have been using for 40 plus years. A post 64 Mod 70, 300 Win Mag, with a new Zeiss 4.5. X. 14, with a BDC reticle. The rifle has been mildly modified.The load is 72 gr. of H-4350, with the 180 PT. I have been lucky to take a number of elk and deer, with that rifle.