Pre-64 range time.


Apr 5, 2014
Loaded up some of the Sierra pet loads for the 30-06. OAL is different than those for my other rifles. I did some OAL checking with different bullets and it seems this rifle doesn’t have an abundance of free bore.
I was shooting some older Nosler 165 grain Solid Base bullets yesterday and then had some Accubonds that wouldn’t chamber with the longer OAL I use in my other rifles.

The 165 Sierra HPBT put 5 in .95 “ which isn’t bad with me shooting.
The 165 Sierra SPBT put 5 in 1.13 “.

I really would like the chance to use the HPBTs on a deer with this rifle just for nostalgia as this was what my Dad used for years in his pre 64.

Will also try out some Ballistic Tips and Accubonds soon. I’ve never taken any deer

with a 30 caliber AccuBond but have had some success with the Ballistic Tips in the 06.


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Beautiful rifle, about my age, but it sure looks better than I do.
Nice shooting.
Looks like you have a for sure winner, sweet looking rifle and nice groups from it to boot.
Go with Ballistic Tips if you plan on hunting just deer, Accubonds if you plan on anything bigger, I have taken lots of deer, elk, and moose with Accubonds and they have never let me down.
Alderman":2ydpz3r8 said:


You got a nice rifle there!
I like Pre-64 Model 70 Winchesters.
Got 2 of'em - A 1939 and a 1942.
Both will still shoot 1/2" or better groups at 100 yards.
But they are the fussiest rifles I have when it comes to
either factory ammo or my handloads.
So keep experimenting.
I know my 2 are a small sample and quite old,
But I have learned that they both shoot better with
flat base bullets than they do with boattails.
Have no idea why?!