QL request 5.56 /accurate powders


Dec 16, 2009
Interesting times.... Was wondering if someone can run a QL for: 5.56 NATO. 223 Wylde 1:8 chamber 20" if it makes a difference. Bullets 75 Hornady HPBT to mag length. 75 Hornady ELD-M single load. Primer CCI 450 SRM. Powder AA4064. If possible, I'd also like AA 2495 with just the Hornady 75HPBT as a reference as I have data and field experience for this powder.

I have for many years been running Varget for this application. NO MORE. Swearing that and anything Aliant off! I've found AA 4064 very useful and well priced in my other applications, and it should work here. I'd like to stock one medium powder and stock it deep!

Thanks in advance