Quick Load on a Windows 11 machine.

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Apr 3, 2015
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Going back in time...when the fastest Intel processor available was the Core i7 980X with an Asus Sabertooth X58 MB to support it, the most reliable SATA HDD was the Western Digital Black in one terabyte, and Windows 7 Ultimate was the most recently released operating system. While that would be my third build, that was the last time I did a personal build.
I had built that with the intentions of playing games, under the guise that I could play those games using Windows 7 in modes of the previous editions. Except...that never worked out, this was in late 2010. The motherboard on that build finally croaked late last year, and with past experiences and other commitments, I don't feel like putting the time into another build.

So, after considering what I would use another computer for, instead of investing in another desktop build, I've settled for a budget laptop that has Windows 11 as the OS. If I want to sit at the kitchen table and pay bills online I can, if I want to record handloads at my reloading bench I can, if I want to travel, I can take it with me. This way I'm not tethered to the wall by a clump of cords.

While I've used QuickLoad in the past (V 3.3) back when Windows XP and Vista were the current OS. After reading the FAQs on Neconos' site in regard to compatibility with Windows 11, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience/issues with the install? I'm wanting to place the order, though that's the one thing that is holding me back from placing the order.
I'm running QL on a Windows 11 OS. It runs fine. However, I was running it on Windows 10 and simply upgraded to 11. Same on my laptop. The loading has a few quirks, but nothing that is problematic for the average techie.
It's interesting how technology has evolved since your previous build with the Core i7 980X and Windows 7. It's great to see that you've adapted to a budget laptop with Windows 11 for your various needs. As for QuickLoad, I can understand your hesitation in placing the order, especially with concerns about compatibility with Windows 11.

Speaking of technology, if you're still exploring the digital world, you might find discussions about cheap windows keys helpful. There's a Reddit thread that delves into this topic. Wishing you a smooth experience with your laptop and QuickLoad.
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