Sad Duty

I'm sorry about your loss, Guy. May God bless you.
I'm glad you had such memories with your father. I look forward to your "This old gun" thread.
Guy, Sorry to hear of your dad's passing, may he rest in peace. Your dad's gear will keep those memories alive. I have the similar story with my grandfather. Enjoy them Guy.

My deepest condolences.
You were blessed to have had him for so long. Treasure the many memories.
I lost my dad when I was twenty. Mom, I had her a long time, passed in 2020. I’m pushing sixty now. All we leave are the memories in the hearts and minds of family and friends, and maybe a few possessions, when we pass. Make them good ones.


Guy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray that you will be blessed with fond memories of the times you spent together.
Sorry for the loss of your Dad Guy. I just saw this. I am happy to hear you have some of his valued stuff and you'll get a chance to use it here and there.