Some more Lapua work.


Mar 6, 2017
One thing you have to give Savage, they often shoot right out of the box, and for not a lot of money comparatively. I've been told again by a local long range shooter, that you can't test this rifle for groups at 100 yds, but it's been showing otherwise.

The 3 times it was tried at that loading, this rifle at .017 off with 300 gr Accubonds kept 3 shot groups at and under 1/2" at 100 yds with the 4th shot keeping the group under 3/4".

Just for kicks to see if anything would turn up better than that, last week I shot 3 at .010 off, 3 at .050 off, and 3 at .075 off. Nothing was better, but still shot well.

The .050 off and the .075 off. Out of 24 shots total the .075 off was the worst group it produced.

The .010 off from last week.

Last evening I shot the .010 off at 200 yds. Still clicking right along. It consistently shot a tad better at .017 off, so I think I have my buddy convinced to just load at .015 off and call it a day. Next we test the .015 off at 300 yds, then onto stretching it out at distance.

The .010 off at 200 yds last evening. I have to be careful here. Don't want to be accused of claiming to have been all along shooting a sub MOA rifle. :shock: :)

Yup, looks as if the rifle wants to shoot.

I've worked up loads with several rifles chambered in this cartridge. The one that left me dismayed was a first-time shooter who built his rifle on a Remington action. BlkRam tried to tell him to start with another action, but the feller had read in a gun magazine that the 338 Lapua would deliver 0.125 MOA or better, and he knew he liked the name "Remington." The rifle delivered consistently 0.5 MOA at various ranges and with a variety of loads I worked up. He was unhappy, because it wouldn't deliver 1/8 of an inch at 300 yards. It was quite the story, and I earned a lot of money from the feller who worked in the gas fields and couldn't spend his money fast enough. After almost 500 rounds through the rifle, it was still a 0.5 MOA shooter. He was scared of the recoil, however, and consistently saw the rifle/load deliver 2.5 inch to 3.0 inch groups at 100 yards.

Looks as if you won't have that problem at all. Congratulations.
Looks good ST. It's time to go long and see what the rifle can do.

FYI....the new 300gr ABLR is set to go into production next week.

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