This year's summer holidays


May 26, 2018
Bought a house from the sixties. 237 square meter plus cellar. Every wallpaper comes off, most floors will be replaced, new kitchen and heating. We started two weeks ago, now three weeks off. We'll see how far we get...

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Yeah. Just made a new hole for the extractor hood. 5 inches instead of three now, through a 10 inch wall.

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this project will keep you busy for awhile .

my son bought an old house a few years ago . we are redoing it ourselves . we were at a good place to stop , so we stopped when the covid pandemic hit . I'm glad we did , prices are up , supply is limited, if you can get it . when things settle down we'll resume on the project .

I remember the difference in construction between US and Germany. You have a lot of work before you!

I agree, seeing rooms get finished is exciting and worth while!

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Even the interior walls are at least 10 inches solid brick. No dry-walls.
For one, I had to get an new, 12 inch drill to get a cable thought. And it just barely made it through.

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