Two Boys Shot and Killed in Separate Hunting Incidents

Yep, there is also the "apprentice license" that allows someone for one year to hunt without taking the hunter education class, provided they are always directly supervised by a licensed hunter, I think its either within arms reach or ear shot. It's what I used with my SIL when he decided at the last minute he wanted to try hunting this year. Next year he'll have to take the safety class.
MI has the same except it for 3 years.
I don't agree with this as there are some real winners in the woods.

Probably one of the worst things about doing a class are the parents, especially the fathers who have had a few hunts under their belt. More than once I've had to put fathers in their place, not only one the range but while teaching in the class.
However, most of the time it's probably the most fun one can have while not in bed. Everybody gets involved, instructor, the kids and even the parents.

A short kind of funny story but on one er hunt close to home, my son in law, his brother and I were camped in a likely spot. We had one of those fold up camp trailers and SIL and bro were about thirty yards from the trail while I was still on the pot. A light bit of Montezuma's revenge I guess. Any way a couple of the newly hire female game wardens showed up and were hassling the hell out my two friends. I get done and when I went out of the trailer realized that I knew bot wardens, One asked me what I was doing there and i said planning get deer, the good lord awillin'. She said iff they'd known I was part of the hunting party they wouldn't have said anything. After they left, my SIL told me they were pretty rough on them until I came out. They're the ones who teach the class and due to my knees, them not quite liking the fact that I taught the handgun hunting portion of the class and even let the kids come up and look and handle the guns I brought as demos just added to the fuel regarding me leaving the program. Besides, stand for four of five hours on range day was taking a serious toll on my knees.
Paul B.