Upped my fishing game today.... comfy boat


Oct 28, 2008
Finally got the boat I ordered 5 months ago, Suntracker Bass Buggy 18 with a 75 hp Mercury 4 stroke.

Still got some modifications to do to make it a proper catfishing machine....a remote controlled trolling motor, batteries, lights, etc.

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Congratulations on your new boat. I like pontoons, they offer a lot of flexibility.

Congrats on the new purchase.
I have been waiting 2 months for carburetor rebuild kits for my motor.
That is a fine boat, to be sure. Congratulations. Trust you will enjoy many great hours pursuing the various piscatorial species.
Oh yeah that’s gonna be cat fishing in style there [emoji106]

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When it comes to outfitting the boat i would strongly encourage you to think about going with lithium batteries. Yes they are pricy, though they save a lot of weight and have a flat voltage curve.
Yeah I've already decided to get lithium batteries for everything except the starting battery.

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The boat is all equipped now by the way...225ah worth of lithium batteries, 80 pound thrust Minn Kota Terrova, Helix 9 MSI+ fish finder, and a grill.... enough batteries to fish several days or nights between charges.

Time on the water, especially at night, when the crowds are gone is awesome.
Do you keep the cats? I always kept my channel cats, but the flatheads, blue cats and the yellow cats were usually released. I know they could all taste good, but I preferred the channel cats. Is that a stripped bass? I fished for strippers some, but they weren't plentiful when I was a boy working the lakes and streams where they were later seeded. You're getting your money's worth out of the boat.(y)
No we don't keep anything... the only fish we care to eat are trout, salmon, and flounder... besides, all the water in the Tennessee River is nasty in more ways than one... from sewage to waste from Oak Ridge.

We just like catching big ole fish...catfish are the low hanging fruit, lol... occasionally we might get into a 40 plus pound striper too.