Jan 21, 2022
Here’s a link to a YouTube video that gives a really good assessment of what transpired.



Aug 16, 2011
I didn't watch the video . I don't need another Monday morning quarterback explaining it to me . I've seen enough on tv about this tragedy . the policeman that was waiting in the hallway , and walked over to get a squirt of hand sanitizer takes the cake though. kids getting killed , and he's worried about covid ? my oh my , what have we created .

with that said , I feel we are beginning reap what we sow . this has been a long time coming, and it's coming to a head now . today law enforcement is in a no win situation , damned if they do , damned if they don't . they have been villainized , dehumanized , emasculated , to the point that they are afraid to try to uphold the law . they can't do their job without fear of retribution. police are the laughing stock of the cities , getting buckets of water thrown on them comes to mind . they were told to stand down and give up their precinct during the summer of love , BLM's mostly peaceful protests . the police forces have been defunded , because lets face it , we are better off without them , right? what happened to the police that went after George Floyd , or Michael Brown ? what did the media try to do to the young man that killed the shooter at the mall ? what did the media do to the police that stopped the military man, Caron Nazario ? then his superiors stuck up for him . our supreme court justices are not safe doing their jobs , impeach Clarence Thomas . protest , and try to kill Bret Kavanaugh . Chuck Schumer releasing the whirlwinds on Kavanaugh . then there's the guy that beat up Rand Paul . Nancy Pelosi tearing up President Trumps speech . Biden not enforcing border laws . when Villains are arrested , they are right back out on the street, thanks to liberal DA's . Kamala Harris also sees to this , with her bailing them out . or how about the judges that wouldn't allow arrests near the courthouse , they allowed illegals to sneak out the back door to avoid the police . the media , and Joe Biden vilified the border patrol agents for "whipping " illegal immigrants . I guess the boarder agents are supposed to hand out formula , change diapers , and see to it they get on the correct midnight flight , and nothing more . Lori Lightfoot won't even pay her traffic fines . I assume she is to important for a measly police officer to fine her . the list goes on and on , and I could too . start to respect our laws , take the hand cuffs off our law enforcement so they can do their jobs . when something turns sour , or when things go right , have the officers back , don't throw them under the bus . until we start to have a little respect , common decency, and appreciate the rule of law this is what we can expect . elections have consequences , especially when they are stolen .


Sep 29, 2006
anyone think the possibility of a false flag operation by the deep state to start gun control legislation has any merit? its one logical explanation why trained LE would wait for over an hour while an active shooter is in the building. and why wasn't the cop given permission to shoot the perp while he was outside? who opened the door for him? even the doors of small schools here in the county have to be opened from inside because of magnetic locks.
Apr 17, 2020
The more I learn about these outrageous events, the more strings I find attached. Is that what happened here, don't know yet, but I have a hard time imagining something nefarious wasn't happening in the background of what we are seeing.

jimbires summed up all the outward facing issues very well, all that is definitely true, but I tend to assume there is always more to the story at this point.

Regardless of whether they rigged it, they will use it.