Wanted imr 8133 or N570


Mar 29, 2022
Hi, new here. Think I’m in the right thread group now atleast 😂. I live in the NW coast of Oregon. Willing to drive half way if needed. Looking for 4-8 pounds. Preferably 8 of imr 8133 or N570. I do not want to sell anything, only to trade what im about to list for what I can’t buy in the store. It would be straight across pound for pound trade.

Up for trade (local only , not putting any of this in the mail ).

8 pounder (2022) Retumbo
8 pounder (2022) H4831sc
8 pounder (2022) hunter
8 singles (2022) H-4350
8 singles (2022) 7828ssc
2 single bottles of Varget

I have a few boxes of 30 cal 180-200 accubonds and partions if these enter the deal it’ll be for price from bi mart off whatever is traded for.

All these powders are new and sealed. I used the last of my 8133 and n570. So bought what was available over the last couple months. Going to hate to part with some of the above but will for either of the two powders I listed. Thanks guys.