What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

Back to this post again- salmon chaser got me thinking about a 22 I bought on my "bachelor party" as the last rifle I would ever get to buy.:confused::cry: Didnt turn out that way... shes a good woman;). Anyway, that simple Marlin, I put a fixed 4x-32mm on it in a set of Burris rings 35+ years ago. Paid more for the rings than the scope. (Back then you were nuts if you put a 1in tube on a 22.) The zero might shift depending on the ammo, but at 25yards that sucker will hit a quarter every time. I almost never shoot it anymore, but if I needed a Squirrel gun at the drop of a hat, or a varmint rifle to set by the back door- that would be the one. Sometimes accuracy is about consistency...