What have you taken elk with?

(3) 270 win, (9) with 7mmRM, Hopefully (1) with Muzzy Broadhead this year;) All rifles were using Nosler AB bullets from 200 to 625 yards. Last one was with my son-in-law in open over the counter hunt here in Idaho.


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Youngest son: .270 Win: 110 TTSX (1)
My dad: 280 Rem: 150 Barnes X (1), 165 Rem factory CoreLokt (1), 160 Partiton (2)
Oldest son: 30-06: 130 TTSX (1)
Me: 300 Win Mag: 180 Barnes XBT (1)
Me: 35 Whelen AI: 200 Barnes X (2), 225 Barnes X (1), 250 Barnes X (1), 250 Hornady Spire point (2), 200 TTSX (7)
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7 Mashburn Super (160 AB's, 175 PT, 175 BBC)
338 Win Mag (210 PT, 250 PT, 200 AB, 225 AB)
35 Whelen (225 TSX, 250 PT)
270 WSM (140 AB - 150 PT)
300 Win (180 Barnes XLC - 200 Sierra GK)
7 Rem Mag (140 PT)
7 WSM (160 AB)
7mm Remington magnum.
300 Winchester magnum.
I like magnums. But mostly if I can use one for a large animal like an elk. I just think that makes one a more complete rifleman and hunter.
Not much of a count, but I have fun hunting even if I don't bring anything home.
338 WM in the coastal forest of Oregon Coast.
280 AI on the high altitude grass prairies of NE Oregon.
Ooh good thread! 😍

For me as follows:

.243 Win w/ 100 grain Corelokt (head shot)
.25-06 Remington w/ 120 grain Corelokt
7mm Rem Mag w/ 150 grain ballistic tip
.300 Savage w/ 150 grain Power Point
.308 Win w/ 165 grain Sierra GK and 180 grain Remington Corelokt
.30-06 w/ 150 grain Barnes X bullet, 165 grain Hornady Interlock, Nosler Partition and Nosler AccuBond (the latter is my favorite)
.300 Win Mag w/ 180 grain Nosler Partition
8mm Rem Mag w/ 220 grain Sierra GK
.338 Lapua Mag w/ 270 grain ELDX

I love trying different cartridges and bullet designs. I have no doubt this list will continue to grow.
In January I filled my Damage Control Cow Elk tag with a .270 Winchester and 130 grain Sierra Gameking. So we can add that to the list.

I also failed to mention that on the list, I’ve used the .30-06 for the greatest portion of my elk.
My family and freinds have taken elk with my 257 Roberts, 270Win, 7Mag and a 300 Winmag. There is no doubt in my mind that the 300Winmag with a 180gn Accu-bond is the best elk killer in my stable.
My mom killed a couple with her 257 Roberts. Both while in camp, taking care of at least six kids, prepping meals for the hunters, that sort of thing. I distinctly remember one of them, I was 10 I think. I was tending the fire a saw elk moving across the meadow we were camped in. I raced to the tent and alerted mom who put down my little sister and picked up her rifle. A small rag horn stepped out and turned facing the tent. He was maybe 75 yards away. Mom was leaning against the center pole of the tent and said cover her ears, I stuck my sister on a bunk and put a pillow over her. Mom shot that bull right between the eyes.