When Good Scopes Go Bad!

Glad you got the scope back. I've got a couple of guns that need the tall target test here. Now that I've got some accurate loads I can load a bunch up to get them tuned up. It's truly the only way I've had any luck making my guns shoot completely plumb.
c. schutte":15p58mqg said:
My scope was returned from Swarovski, according to them it had been adjusted too far in elevation and that over time it the spring had weakened. I did not remember it being adjusted that far so after mounting it back on the 300 wby yesterday I took a few shots without any adjustments to the scope. Back to shooting 5/8" @ 100 yards but, 12" high. They said that it had been returned to factory center so it sounds like they were correct, the elevation had been cranked too much and left that way.

That scope was first mounted on another rifle prior to being on the 300 wby and I did not return it to center prior to transferring it. My bad..............

It just proves that it is important to make sure a scope is close to center by making adjustments to the base prior to making any adjustments to the scope itself.
You might think about putting a picatinny base on it with a 5 or 10 MOA Slope then, and tap your receiver for 8-40 screws. I use Red Loctite on the base screws, Blue on the rings once I'm sure it's centered in line with the axes of the bore.

Those Wby's have a lot of recoil, and on a lighter weight gun, it's worse!

If you don't want to use a picatinny base Leopold makes a Long Range Base for Weaver type rings that has slope built into the base just not for a Wby. it seems?
I just had a rifle built in a 28 nosler. Using a rail from the action maker, Stiller, and nightforce ultralight rings 4 screw version, holding a nightforce nxs 5.5x22x50. How long till that set up goes and sh!ts the bed on me??.?.
jezzolo, I would be shocked if you ever have trouble with the set up you have but as the other people have stated things do happen.
I have had 3 scopes fail on me in approximately 50 years of hunting :wink:.
2 Leuys & a Minox, the Minox was only a few weeks old. Both companies gave me great service and turn around time as well.