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    Lever Action Rifles

    Excellent video, thanks Scrummy!
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    30-06 & 180...

    Agreed, I use 130 grain copper in my .308, and 80 grain Barnes TTSX in my .243, and push them fast, which is the key with copper bullets. But there is no better bullet than lead for providing a quick ethical death to your quarry in my opinion.
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    30-06 & 180...

    The 180 NP was my go to bullet for my 30-06, from Bull Elk down to the lightly framed roe deer we have in the UK I used IMR4350 and got 2800 fps Pity as I have had to switch to copper now.
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    Check your flight information!

    Shame it's just a layover I could have taken you fishing/hunting in South West England
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    Check your flight information!

    That is a real PITA. In my experience Delta are the worst of all the airlines for doing that. When I book now I just look at it that by the time I fly it won't be what I booked originally. It should be a contract that they enter into when you book, and if they change it they should pay us for...
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    1 million bullets to Ukraine

    Yes they need everyone's help, but I can't see any foreign troops fighting on that soil.
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    Subsonic 22's

    I use Winchester 40g subs, with my suppressor, brilliant for squirrel but it is also my favoured round for shooting bunnies, you can often shoot 3 or 4 bunnies before they take the hint and run for home.
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    9000 mile road trip

    Living the dream!
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    I was actually stalking 4 red hinds when this one popped out of the woods, double lung, dropped on the spot. The blood is where I started to gralloch the deer.
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    Interesting, I have the same with the Barnes TTSX 80grain, I used IMR4350, 3150FPS but the load is at the very top end, but it is superbly accurate
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    Since posting this I have shot 2 red deer, as they were close to another private area I pinned them through the shoulders, they obviously dropped on the spot, then a quick follow up shot, Barnes worked well.
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    Doubt That It Was Worth It

    Almost a federal ban then, this makes a lot more sense, hopefully its enforced, if it is the violator is pretty much screwed, and deservedly so!
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    Doubt That It Was Worth It

    Am I reading this correctly, a lifetime hunting ban, in Montana only? If so what's to stop him hunting in neighbouring states? Makes no sense to me, or am I missing something?
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    Two-step verification

    Didn't work for me either
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    Moose Attack on training dogsled team

    No dogs killed, 4 injured, according to other news sites. Hopefully lesson's learned