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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    It kinda depends on several factors. My 300WSM is generally good for 1 MOA most days at the bench...more like 1.5MOA from prone. It's killed a ton of meat at this point so I'd have to say it's more than adequate at the task. I've had a few more accurate big game rifles, and several significantly...
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    In the sub 6 pound range I've had .308, 7-08, and 6.5CM... I'd do any of them again. Of the three, the 6.5 was easily the most accurate and most pleasant to shoot but that was in a particular rifle. I'd not lean toward a magnum cartridge (although I dearly love the 300WSM) based on your game...
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    I'm with Bear on this one...300 H&H will do it all. I've hunted mountainous terrain and the need to reach out across a canyon seems to pop up pretty regularly. Scoped rifle over bait is no handicap and likely better in low light. I've never hunted with hounds, but my guess is your going to be...
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    I love Jeeps... I don't have one currently, but it's only a matter of time.
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    I really like my CZ 452 "Special Training Rifle" .22LR... it's one of those weird ones, 25" barrel and hugely optimistic tangent sights all the way out to 175 meters. I really like long range plinking at clays with it. You just drop them in there like artillery!
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    Area 419 zero press?

    It looks nice and very well made. The value proposition is a tough one, since most basic presses work fine and will outlast any of us with anything approaching regular use.
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    375 RUGER

    I agree, it seems our long standing sense of decorum here has waned of late. The wealth of knowledge here, along with the good conduct of the partipants, is what makes this forum a bright spot.
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    375 RUGER

    Vince, I've had three of the darn things... I think it's got enough legs under it to stay around a while, especially considering sales number of anything over .30 drops off considerably so the expectation of high volume was never on the maker's radar. Mine all shot reasonably to very well. The...
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    Subsonic 22's

    I like the plain standard velocity .22 rounds but CCI or Eley. Out of my 23" barreled CZ they are deadly on small game. Of course, I've killed a bunch of red squirrels with CB caps loaded one at a time in the neighborhood. For rabbits, I like the CCI Velocitors.
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    Rebarreling ? Need honesty

    If it came marked "REM700" and it's not's on the seller who shipped the wrong part. I've installed a whole pile of parts on a bunch of different equipment. You don't normally check thread pitches, etc. on parts that come out of the correct box for the application. My guess is that a...
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    Can't buy any guns.

    Very nice find. A 250SAV in the little M77 UL will be a real pleasure!
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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    Congrats on your hunt. Either of those cartridges will do just fine. The odd thing with the Yukon and Interior AK, you often need more range rather than more power- especially with caribou. You can easily shoot far with either, I've always though the 300 was easier to shoot at distance.
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    Accubond : Amazing performance

    I love the Accubond... I use it almost exclusively. I've got few reasons to experiment and lots of reasons in the freezer not to.
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    30 cal bullet for Brown Bear

    The 180 or the 200 PT or AB would work just fine. You're on a guided hunt. Shoot straight on the first shot and let your guide worry about the rest. Most guides worry more about clients who can't shoot than if they're shooting a big enough gun. A solid hit with a 300WM using a good bullet is...
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    New Hi-Power

    I know I paid $400 for my Springfield P-35 as a used T&E gun. I can't imagine how much "better" one could be for over a grand. Even full ride retail is only $700 and will likely be available at something less than that.