150 ABLR vs 165 ABLR


Nov 3, 2019
Hey guys I'm currently building a 27 nosler for hunting deer Elk and antelope sized game. I have a question I've been pondering on and thought I'd ask. Im looking at loading one load for all game and Ballistically the 150 ABLR at 3300ish fps and the 165 ABLR at 3100ish fps are just about the same in drop wind drift and energy @500 yards. My question is about the ability of the 2 bullets to expand compared to each other, would the 150 be better being slightly shorter and faster expand better or worse than the 165 being longer and slightly slower. The ft-lbs of energy difference in negligible. More just worried about ability with each bullet at any given target and velocity down range. I may just be over thinking it but was thinking the 150 would expand better being a shorter bullet to expand and penatrate vs the longer bullet? I currently will be loading both and probably use what's more accurate. Just a thought I had, any info or discussions are much appreciated thanks.
Both will expand to full without problems. Shoot the one that gives the best accuracy. I like bigger as they tolerate wind better. No matter what bullet you choose, be responsible as to distance. . .