17 Hornet, who has one?


Aug 24, 2020
Last year I got a couple Savage 93's, a heavy barrel wood stock in 17hmr and the sporter barrel synthetic in 22WMR. I love both of them but I am thinking of off loading the 17 to a friend in favor of a 17 hornet. I would like to get a little more whollop out of the 17 caliber. I want this for a true walking varminter for jack rabbits and maybe the occasional coyote. Obviously I really like the Savage M25 walking varminter. My friend has a CZ 527 in 17 Hornet and he loves it. I have enough wood rifles that I lug around during predator calling season as it is and I am really leaning towards the M25 (when the come back in stock). Anyone have feedback?
I have one and it's one of the funnest rifles I have. I've shot a couple coyotes with it too and does the trick just fine.

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Nice shooting. I keep seeing the powder as a good hornet powder.
I know I keep waiting for the 17 Hornet in a Ruger myself. I love the 17 WSM. Can’t wait to try a 17 Hornet.