2 bullets for my carry gun compared

358 WCF

Jan 31, 2020
Shot these this afternoon from a 3 1/2" S&W 469. The 1st water filled gallon jug was at 10 feet. it was a light duty range day, so neither was chronographed today. The Norma was clocked at 1171fps @ 10' instrumental a few weeks ago. Norma spec is 1312fps. The Federal load may have been checked a long time ago, but I dont have the data. Federal says 1060fps @ the muzzle.

The propeller... the new Norma 108gr MHP completely penetrated the 2nd jug & was found laying on the bench. The 3rd jug was basically untouched. Dimension across the petals is .956" & .958". It weighs 106.6gr.

The more traditional shaped mushroom was an old Federal 135gr Hydra-Shok, from the tail end of the lot that I've been carrying in this pistol since about 2003. It completely penetrated 2 jugs & was found in the 3rd. Diameter was .598" on the small side & .632" on the large. It weighs 134.5gr.

Norma 9mm 108 gr MHP thru 2 jugs & Federal 9mm 135gr Hydra-Shok inside 3rd jug (1).jpgNorma 9mm 108 gr MHP thru 2 jugs & Federal 9mm 135gr Hydra-Shok inside 3rd jug (2).jpg
I would guess a bigger wound Chanel from the propeller. What is two jugs worth of penetration? 14 inches or so? We carried the federals in 40 and 45.
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Jugs are 5 3/4" square & were all touching.

The Federal HS still looks pretty deadly for 20+ year old ammunition, but guessing the Norma load will be what I carry from now on. It does look kinda like a blender blade.
They both look like they'd do whatever you'd ask of them. Seems like the velocity isn't much of a handicap, at least that 10 feet, but based on the extent of the expansion, I doubt 7 yards, or 27 yards would be a whole lot different.
That Norma would make a big hole in a hurry. Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that one.
I carry the 124 hydraShok 9mm in my Shield plus.
I’m going to look into the 147 HST based on the conversation here.
im curious to know the differences between the two bullets.
That Norma looks pretty nasty. I would like to know the “stopping power” behind that one.