20ga Charles Daley

35 Whelen

Dec 22, 2011
Saw these model 101 for sale dirt cheap, this model comes in lots of gauges, barrel lengths, has screw in chokes. This one is a total of 20" long folded! So it fits right under the front seat of my truck, in my pack baskets, duffle bag, baggage in the airplane, the quality is amazing for the price point, made in Turkey.
Can not be compared to Russian/ S. American single barrel stuff.
At only 4 3/4lbs with 20" barrel it is a little honey 🍯. Brand new $150.
Grab one, you won't be sorry!
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Lol, I was so darned impressed with the 20 ga. I have since ordered a 12 ga/ 28" barrel one with walnut stocks for $115 !!! Same price as they were in 1970's. They come with MOD choke only, so I ordered an extra full Turkey 🦃 choke for longer shots. $20 off eBay.Screenshot_20230315-113140~2.png
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