21 Sharp. New Winchester Rimfire Cartridge

Because Winchester’s had smashing success releasing new rounds recently lol

New bullet diameter?
Better than Hornady's rounds for sure. I would be interested but then again I like almost all of them lol.

So looks like a 25 gr at 1725 fps. I wonder if that's a lead free round or just a light sleek polymer tipped bullet?
Winchester reinventing the wheel again. Using an 22LR size case and slightly smaller bore , this will get interesting when cheapskates are using the wrong ammo.
What the heck for? You can not even get 17 WSM ammo. My buddy has been looking for ever.

And 21 cal? Why not 19 Calhoon made bullets for that.

Oh! I know !!!! stop the BS and make some primers Winchester!
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Why? To make another over priced obscure rifle that can languish in the back of some ones safe as an alleged "investment". How long does Win. think they can survive on the rep. of the model 70, while we wait for another real rifle from them? BTW that dosent cost 2K. CL
I’d like to see them release some left handed models in usable chamberings.

.270, 30-06, .35 Whelen, .300 and .338 Win Mag, maybe a .375 H&H and .458 Win Mag. Would really like to see a .416 of some sort too.

What would really be the cat’s meow would be a Model 70 left handed African Scout in .416 Rigby or Ruger and a Scout Rail with back-up iron sights.

Maybe they can't find any primers for centerfire, so they come up with this rimfire thingy :unsure: Dan.