22GT 1st Time Drop Confirmation Past 1K


Sep 15, 2005
I was able to head out to Mac’s Gunworks this past Friday afternoon for a little bit.

Dan Ekstrom did load development on this rear-grip 22GT specialty pistol.

Kauger Arms PRS action, 18” 7T Hart barrel, MDT chassis, Burris XTR-III scope.

Hornady 6GT brass necked down, Reloader 26, with the Hornady 88 grain ELD-M at 3016 fps.

Peter Angelos of Omega Precision in Gillette, WY built this and a 15.9” 7T center-grip XP-100 in the very same chambering. The last video will be of Dan shooting the Center-Grip XP-100 22GT (88 grain ELD-M @ 2886 fps).

Both specialty pistols shoot great.

On Friday, I did the first drop confirmation on the rear-grip out to 1200 yards.

I checked my 100 yard zero with one shot, then I kept shooting a steel target every hundred yards out to 1200 yards. I did not paint the 1100-yard target or the 1200-yard target.

I know I hit the 1100-yard target on the first shot, but I’m not sure about the 1200 target (They were both 10” as well).

The mirage was bad at the further distances, and I could not see where my impacts were from 900 yards on.

We would hear the bullet impact, and see the target swing, but at 900, 1000, and at 1100 yards, we could not tell where I hit.

Conditions were good, so it let me show off its capability.

When I shot at 400 yards, I realized that it was shooting about 1/2 MOA high, so from that point on I took away a half minute at each distance from what my Shooter Software said.

This is why I always want to confirm my drops through actual shooting.

Sometimes what’s on the ballistic software doesn’t match up with what’s on the target.

At 900 and at 1000 yards, I went back to the original drops on the Shooter software, which was a mistake, since I hit at the top of each of those two targets.

I think this will be fun for some PRS type matches.

I am enjoying this 88 grain ELD-M. It works good on paper, steel, and deer.

I am sure it will work good on antelope and prairie dogs as well.

Videos will be at 500, 600, 700, and 800 yards.

Last video is Dan shooting the center-grip 22GT.